We offer our services to artists actively creating contemporary works of art.

We value, assess the art works.

We produce critiques, studies and texts for presentation.

We prepare official documents prior to auctions.

We draw up marketing plans aimed at increasing your sales.

A few things worth knowing:

What is contemporary art?

Contemporary art is created by living artists : "Present-day artists producing their own art, freely following their muse. " - J. St Aubin.

However, the term “contemporary art” is generally understood to include works produced within the past 50 years.

Contemporary art in the world today:

Our data base lists between 200,000 and 250,000 recognised artists worldwide, to be found listed in their own countries. However, we believe that there is double this number of works available on the market.

There are about 80, 000 artists in USA, about 45,000 in France and about 40,000 in Great Britain.

Worldwide market share of traded art:

USA = 35% - United-Kingdom = 30% - China = 20% -Germany = 4% - France = 3% - Italy = 2% - others = 6%.

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