We always make our assessments on the spot. We never make an assessment from video, photos, or over the phone.

Where and how to buy?

The ground rules given below are not aimed at experienced collectors who already know some of the ins and outs of the art market.

To start with, everything depends on your budget. This will determine what and how you buy..

It all comes down to how much you may have to invest as to whether you go down the path of buying by auction, or through galleries or exhibitions. Works by major artists can be acquired via auctions, from specialised galleries or online but not from the artist’s workshop or studio.

Major artists establish themselves firmly in the public eye through spectacular auctions or well-publicised exhibitions (and who is to say that this isn’t why they are “major” artists), but overall the number of transactions in the traditional market is much greater by far.

Starting from the general idea that prices are not set in stone, you can of course negotiate and you may be successful… but the scope is limited. Galleries, fairs, exhibitions and some websites give themselves something to play with in respect of the quoted price. That’s how it works.

Each option has got its advantages and disadvantages:


These are of two kinds: either general or those specialising in a particular school or even dealing exclusively with a single artist. As a rule galleries combine high levels of skill with a deep understanding of the artists they promote and this makes them the ideal people to discuss both art and price.

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