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“Virtual galleries”
The first ones are site dedicated to an artist, or site published by galleries, associations, and commercial companies.. The huge quantity of artworks offered is such that it is difficult to find out, however with method, you could indentify sites which deserve your attention. Some information about the artist should be provided such as his biography, an art critic’s extract, last auctions results or the value of an official valuation. Normally, the requested price is clearly indicated. You should add to it the following fees (shipping charge, insurance, and packaging). Opposite to galleries and artists’ workshop, you will not physically see the artwork that will give you the impression to take a risk!
In practise, transactions proceed with satisfaction with web site or portal recognised for their professionalism.
We will even purchase artworks from main artist from all over the world.

Auctions like eBay.
Prices are remained low because the average amount of sales is lower than 15€ (about £13) the painting point. However, we notice a significant increase for the number of transactions. Nowadays, number of artworks presented is increasing but essentially offered in small format, the quality level is often unimpressive.
Recommendations would be similar to the ones applied in general for internet.
Useful tip: after gathering all information, set a price limit and do not go past...

Art dealer
They are the representative between artist and collector. Normally, they only support their artists, as they are not really supervised and are independent; wecan recommend you to be vigilant. However, good transaction can be made.

We can’t conclude without speaking about purchases and exchanges by mutual agreement between collectors. Care to observe is the same as in a purchase with an art dealer or on internet.

You hesitate; please take advice from an expert who will avoid you bad surprise. In general, the more information you get, less chances of errors will occur, take your time, even for impulse buy...

Own art
Own Art is the scheme from Arts Council England to help you buy a contemporary work of art with an interest-free loan The Own Art scheme is designed to make it easy and affordable for everyone to buy contemporary works of art You can borrow up to £2,000, or as little as £100, and pay back the loan in 10 monthly instalments, interest free
You can find more inform on the official website :

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