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Accredited expert: Expert's whose name appears on lists drawn up by bodies such as customs, courts, and auction houses experts not on these lists may also be called in, if widely recognised for their high level of knowledge and experience..

Acrylic : This is picture painted with an emulsion made from dispersion in the water of pigments crushed in a latex (thermoplastic resin).

Artist's proof (E.A) : run-on pieces from a regular production printing. Often numbered in Roman numerals and regulated in some countries. “EA” French abbreviation for épreuve d’artiste.

Abstract style : A work that does not attempt to reproduce the real world, and its subject is with difficulty recognizable. This style is the opposite of the representational, and is often called "non-representational"..

Balance : refers to the way the elements of art are arranged to create a feeling of stability in a work; a harmonious arrangement or proportion of parts or areas in a composition.

Canon: model with ideal proportions.

Colour : impression produced by different quality of  radiating light.

Composition : position of the elements in a picture.

Contrast : distinctive and important difference between 2 colours, 2 shapes, 2 lines...

Conceptual style : reflects the spirit of the author, reproducing his ideas in a work without caring about the aspect of this one.

Depth of field: succession of plans in a picture giving an impression of depth. This is a hypothetical distance between plans. In photography, this is the distance between the nearest and farthest point and refers to the importance of blurred and clear zones. The bigger the depth of field, the clearer the subjects. The fainter the depth of field the more some parts are blurred.

Digigraphie : For several years, photographers, sculptors and painters, as well as service providers (photo laboratories and lithographic studios), have been using the technology of Epson printers to produce prints on art paper. This in turn has opened the door to a new discipline: the digital reproduction of a work of art.(Photography, painting, collage, drawing, watercolour, digital creation, etc…).The digigraphie® label was created by Epson.

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