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Still life : picture of inanimate object such as food, flowers, books, etc.....

Style : Particular manner to treat the matter and shapes in order to make a work of art, set of characters of a work which enables to classify it with others in a set creating an aesthetic type.

Surface : Outside part of work.

Technique : describes the aspect of work, completion.

Tint : colour which we get from the mixture of several others colours.

Tone: colour seen by its shine.

Trait : light line using to draw on paper or other support what you want to depict.

Type : technique used for the creation of a work of art. We distinguish pictures, drawings, engraving, sculptures, photos.

Valuation : Price determination of a transaction.

Value: this is the intensity of a tone depending on light and shade.

Vanishing Point : Place of the horizon when parallel lines seem to meet in linear perspective.

Wash tint: similar technique as the watercolour by using an ink more or less diluted with water, black or sepia which enables to create cameo .

Watercolour : painting technique using water as a medium to dilute the pigments.

Wokmanship : describes the quality of the work (bad or good).

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