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Lithography : Embossment this technique is based on the way water and greasy crayons repel each other.

Matter : possibility of creating shapes with this malleable and divisible substance.

Matter effect : proper result by using the matter, thick painting or particular natural aspect of some matters.

Medium : Painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking are all media of art in the meaning of the type of art. The term can also refer to the materials of the work. For example, a sculpture in the medium of bronze or marble, a painting in medium of oil paint on canvas, a drawing in the medium of pencil or crayon.

Mixed technique : Term indicating a diverse mixture of various techniques in a picture.

Monochrome : Diverse nuance of a same colour.

Movement: can be shown by repetition of shapes, lines, strokes of brush, contrast between blurred zone and clear zone.

Nuance : sometimes very light variations, gradations of the same colour.

Numbering : Some work of art are numbered for knowing the printing. The first figure shows the order, the second the total number.

Oil : said about a picture painted with oil painting.

Painting : flat surface painted with coloured matter with the same name. Work of art got by this technique called also picture, canvas.

Palette : it can be two things : wood flat support where the artist places his painting or set of colours included in the composition of the picture.

Patina : describes the colour of a sculpture which can be chosen by the artist and can come from the progressive action of the time on the original colour.

Performance : artistic action which the object is not to get a result but more based an approach to do an event of it.

Perspective : drawing technique which enables to depict objects on two-dimensional surface, to project the illusion of the volume and space.

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