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Picture : picturial work done on a rigid and self-supported stand.

Pigment : Main constituent of the picture which are diverse coloured powders from mineral, animal or vegetable origin.

Plans : mean dimensions of the subject in its frame.

Portrait : is a picture, a drawing or a photo of a person. When the autor does the image of himself this is a self-portrait. May refer as well to vertically orientated rectangle.

Primary colour : the blue, yellow and red are pure colours got without any mixture. Each colour mixed one by one allow to get complementary colours.

Proportion : Comparison of the dimensions of the various elements some with regard to the others.

Quoted valued : Financial value of the work of an artist, based on numerous parameters (economic, artistic) Value of the painting point.

Reproduction: Image on paper as faithful as possible to the original and unique work. Factory produced without venal value.

Rythm : Indicating some elements of a composition seeming to transcribe a rehearsal, a succession, a chain (a sequence of movements)

Scale: reference which sets by convention measurements equivalence.

Sculpture : depiction of an object in 3 dimensions. Set of techniques which tend to this finality.

Seascape: means that the subject of the picture is the sea or shows a portion of the sea.

Signature : Particular sign applied by the artist on the bottom of his work proven that he is author.

Silkscreen : Reproduction of a drawing or image by using a brush loaded with colouring or ink through parts jagged of a cardboard or metal sheet.

Stencil : Piece in metal or cardboard which permit to paint the matter with a brush and a rag without going over the shape and cutting up.

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